Pick of the Week #2

Cherishing, nurturing, and taking care of you seems like such a fundamental thing to do but is often something we overlook because we’re too busy.

Taking a few moments to look after you can make a world of difference to your day, it can literally turn your day around and make everything easier and calmer. When you feel less stressed you’ll find it much easier to make good food choices making weight control so much easier.

Start looking after yourself with tiny changes to your daily routine. This can make an immediate impact on how you feel and is shown beautifully in the article I’ve chosen for this week’s Pick of the Week. 

5 changes that will immediately lower your stress levels

Put yourself first today by making these 5 changes and see what a difference it makes to your stress levels.


Stop rushing

1. Stop rushing

Stop, or even just pause for a moment and enjoy the sunshine on your face, enjoy where you are and what your doing right now.

2. Arrive early

This is the one I struggle with most. I have begun to work on it by doing one less thing before I leave to go out. It makes such a difference to the journey and how I feel when I arrive and the task I didn’t do is just done later!

3. Create a comfortable morning routine

Work how much more time you need in the morning so you feel calm and in control rather than rushed and panicked, then give yourself that much time tomorrow and see how good it feels

4. Go to bed earlier and don’t watch the 11 o’clock news

Not easy to do but a wonderful gift to yourself as you’ll feel amazing.

5. Get organised

Set aside an hour one evening or at the weekend to organise the one area which annoys you the most. Maybe the shoes and coats or some paperwork. This organisation will save you so many many stressful moments when you would have otherwise be searching for one shoe or insurance documents. It will help you stop rushing and arrive earlier too!

For the whole article with lots of fabulous tips see here…


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