Pick of the Week #3

5 Life-Changing Food Rules I Learned In France

Do you savour the food you eat and enjoy it with gusto? Can you appreciate food for its qualities, its lushness, its beauty, perhaps its richness or the way it satisfies you?

As daily lives have become busier, more fast-paced with more tasks to do and less time to pause the way we approach food has understandably changed too. We have less time to plan, prepare and eat meals. For many food is not a joy but a problem which causes anguish, guilt and stress. Food is chosen because it’s low calorie or ‘good’ or low in carbs.

Imagine if you could eat anything you wanted, without guilt. Imagine if you could look forward to a meal out with friends knowing you could enjoy leisurely looking over the menu, hand of wine in hand and choose what to eat based on its qualities not how much impact it would have on your next weigh in. Simply changing your mindset to food could enable to you do just this! Take a look at the article I’ve chosen for this week’s ‘Pick of the Week’ to find out how you could be ‘set free by food instead of being entrapped by it.’

5 Life-Changing Food Rules I Learned In France


This article suggests adopting a French mindset to food to change your relationship with it in a powerful and healthy way. Tiffany Bassford describes her experiences of food when she lived in France. Food became less about ‘what’, (what are you eating, does this fit in with my diet) and more about ‘how’ you eat and approach food. Learning the 5 food rules during her time in France resulted in Tiffany feeling healthier, having more energy, losing weight and feeling more joy around food and life. These are powerful changes!


I passionately believe food should be something we celebrate, something we relish, something we love. Doing this can mean we enjoy food more, become healthier and are able to control our weight. All of which mean we can get more out of every day and can truly relish life.

Eat, move, live with gusto