5 Simple Wellness Tips To Boost Your Energy Levels All Day Long!

Having plenty of energy means you can be highly productive at work and have the energy to enjoy every part of your life. A few simple tweaks to your daily routine can make a dramatic change to your wellness and give you the energy you need to make the most of your day.

1. Start the day with eggs!

Including protein at breakfast will help give you nice stable energy levels all day long, helping prevent energy slumps and cravings right through the day.

Have eggs whatever way you fancy: fried eggs, poached eggs, an omelette, boiled eggs, or if time is tight in the mornings hard boil 1/2 a dozen to last a few days. Enjoy with some granary toast or rye bread or maybe scrambled egg in a wholemeal pitta. Add some cherry tomatoes or mushrooms or spinach if you like.

There are plenty of other fab protein options if you don’t fancy eggs, I’m just keeping this simple but please ask for ideas.

2. Pop a bag of nuts in your bag

snack idea

Your own fast food on hand so you can top up your energy levels whenever you like and aren’t reliant on the food which is available when you get hungry.

Choose your favourite nut selection and have with a piece of fruit if you like. Add some seeds and dark chocolate chips to make your very own trail mix.

As you get tired and hungry through the day the snack foods available everywhere you go get more and more appealing. Many of them will only give you a very quick fix, leading to more cravings and sluggishness. Keeping snacks on you keeps you in control and promotes your wellness.

3. Have more than a sandwich

Lunch is a usually a quick affair, squeezed in as quickly as possible so we can get on with whatever we need to do. Maybe not even leaving our desks and barely glancing at what we’re eating. Unsurprising then that after lunch is when we usually start to flail, slowing down even though there’s so much more day left. Lunch needs to be given more care and love and this can achieved with a quick make-over. Can you do any of the following?

If you have a sandwich can you alter the proportions? More protein and veg/salad, swap to high fibre carbohydrates? Are you eating enough? perhaps add a yoghurt (not diet variety!) or some vegetables and hummus/a piece of fruit and some cheese
Do you have leftovers you could have? Make plenty of food for your evening meal and take some with you for lunch the next day.
Choose or make a salad with beans, nuts, cheese, meat, fish or eggs. Grains such as bulgar wheat or quinoa are great energy boosting choices but other good options include cold new potatoes, sweet potatoes, wholemeal pittas or wraps or seeded bread.

4.Pause for a while

Often it’s our own busyness that drains our energy. We get so caught up in getting everything done we don’t realize we’re getting stressed and not actually being effective at all. So make sure you pause for a moment, give yourself a little time then continue in a more productive way.

Instead of rushing to see a colleague or to do the next job on your list, pause on the way and take a moment to look around you, take a few breathes and remind yourself you’re doing great. Then arrive calm and collected and ready to focus on what’s next.

Pausing regularly through the day gives you a chance to stay in control of any stresses you deal with so you don’t get home utterly exhausted. Instead of slumping in a chair you will have energy to enjoy your evening.

5. Super-charge your focus

If you need to feel alert, prepared and on the ball for an important meeting, a telephone call or to get the children bathed and to bed before melt down give yourself a boost first by getting up and moving around.

Exercise increases blood flow to your brain sharpening your awareness. Even a short bout of activity can help you feel calmer and spark creative breakthrough ideas.

So take the stairs to your meeting, do 10 jumping jacks before your phone call or hula hoop for a minute before starting bedtime. Super-charge your energy in just a few minutes how ever you fancy.

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