Essential Guide for a Highly Productive, Successful Day.

Busy Day Ahead? Here’s our essential guide for a highly productive, successful day.

Getting through the day is not enough. Be at your best; thinking clearly and quickly, energized, creative and focused, so you can achieve everything you set out to do and end the day feeling calm and satisfied.

Our guide to a productive day will make it easier to make the most of your day in 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Prepare your body

Athletes do not get up and enter a race without warming up their body, yet we often expect our bodies to work hard and long hours without any preparation. Take a few minutes to get yourself ready for the day by…

  • Energizing your body
  • Warm up your body with a simple sun salutation to feel awake before your first cup of coffee!

  • Motivate yourself with a mantra
  • While you’re in the shower tell yourself what you are going to achieve today. Tell yourself it’s going to be a great day.

  • Power up
  • Fuel your body to provide a steady level of energy to sustain you throughout the morning. The food you choose to eat first thing can impact on how you feel and the subsequent food choices you make throughout the whole day. Choose the following combination:

    Protein food + whole grains + fruit/vegetables

    such as:

    Scrambled egg in a wholemeal pitta bread with rocket and tomatoes

    If you need a speedy breakfast to take with you try:

    A pot of greek yoghurt with nutty muesli and blueberries


    Step 2. Plan

  • Plan your meals ahead
  • If your day is jam packed it’s more likely to won’t have time to get something to eat and you’ll have to work extra hard not to be flagging as the day goes on. Don’t limit yourself to grabbing whatever is available when you need to eat, the chances are these won’t be the best choices to give you the energy you need to storm through the afternoon.
    Could you?

    Pack some leftovers to take for lunch. Some cold meat, new potatoes with some salad from the night before or chilli to warm up and have with a wholemeal wrap and a couple of big crunchy lettuce leaves?

    Add a handful of salad leaves, a few cherry tomatoes, half a tin of beans (butter beans, chickpeas, etc), tuna and some ready cooked bulgar wheat into a container with some lemon and olive oil. A few minutes putting this together in the morning could save you much longer going to get something to eat, then looking for a snack a few hours later when energy levels slump again…

    Plan where to pick up lunch in between tasks or appointments – think in advance where will sell something nourishing, sustaining and tasty!

  • Plan your tasks around your energy levels
  • This guide will help you feel energized and productive throughout the day. Despite this we still have natural fluctuations in how we feel throughout the day. If you need to make a call you’re a little nervous about or you need to be full of enthusiasm and ideas of a team meeting you’re leading think about when you’ll be at your best to do this? First thing in the morning or a bit later in the day when you’ve got a few things done? Play to your strengths to maximise your productivity don’t just work through a list of tasks.

    Step 3. Work Smart

    Now you can crack on with what you need to do without lack of energy, focus, hunger or cravings slowing you down. To maximise how you work think about working smarter rather than longer, get more done then relax.

  • Take a break (around every 52 minutes!)
  • The most effective people work for 52 minutes then break for 17 apparently! If you’ve been sat down or working for an hour or more it’s time to take a short break so you can keep working productively. This will refresh your attention span and allow you to continue to thrive.

    Ideally when you take a break do something completely different for a few minutes. Step outside if you can, walk for a few minutes, do a few yoga poses if there’s somewhere quiet and suitable, or walk the furthest you can to make a drink or talk to a colleague. We are not designed to sit for 8 hours so getting up and moving regularly means you’re working with your body.

  • Stay hydrated
  • 2% dehydration can reduce attention and memory which is not what you need when you want to be highly efficient and power through your busy day.
    Keep a bottle of water on your desk or even better, have a glass of water and re-fill it every 52 minutes!

  • Be mindful
  • Work with purpose, giving your complete attention to your current task. Be aware if your focus wanders and you become distracted by something else or aren’t working as well as you’d like to be. If this happens is it time to take a short break, wake yourself up with some activity or have a Smart Snack?

    Step 4. Sustain

  • Keep Smart Snacks Handy
  • Snacks can be really useful to maintain a steady stream of energy throughout the day but they also have the ability to slow down your productivity and make your day much harder. Choose Smart Snacks to sustain you..

    Smart Snack = Protein + Fruit /Vegetable (+ whole grain /high fibre carbohydrate if bigger snack needed)


    Personal Trail Mix. Make your own blend and keep it in a little tin in your bag..

    Brazil nuts + dried cranberries + pumpkin seeds + dark chocolate chips

    Walnuts + Celery + Cream Cheese

    (Spread cream cheese into sticks of celery and top with walnut pieces)

    Small cubes of cheese + cherry tomatoes + whole grain crackers/oatcakes

    Stay Strong

    Make sure you can keep having productive days and get the most out of every part of your life by staying well and as strong as possible. Choose food which nourishes you and food you love.

    Food is incredibly powerful, an unhealthy diet can reduce productivity by up to 66%! This means you have a method of increasing how efficient you are really simply just by making a few simple changes to what you eat.

    Relish Wellbeing helps you relish every single day, taking what we know about nutrition, health and wellbeing and bringing it to you and your workplace in innovative and memorable workshops, events and programs.

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