Your Work Lunch Box Made Easy

Making lunch to take to work is a victory in itself! So thinking of new ideas to stop you getting bored and making sure you pack nourishing food just might not be feasible when you’re busy. So we’ve bought together some tempting work lunch box ideas to give you lots of inspiration for super simple lunches.

Having foods which are going to power you through the afternoon is crucial if you want to beat the post lunch slump and make the most of your afternoon. As the afternoon goes on our energy levels wain and choosing the wrong foods at lunchtime can lead to spikes followed by crashes in blood sugar levels. This causes tiredness, reduced concentration and cravings.

To help avoid this pack a good portion of protein, some whole grains, a little fat along with lots of vegetables and salad to feel alert, calm and motivated all afternoon. A rainbow coloured lunch packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is going to help boost your immune system too, helping you stay strong and well when work gets busy. Lunches also need to be super simple to put together, nourishing to keep you on top form and make you smile when you remember what you have to eat!

simple lunch idea for work
simple lunch idea for work

Get ahead hearty salads

When you’re making dinner prepare a big salad to last a few days to go with your evening meals and to add to lunches. Use lettuce, spinach, watercress, cherry tomatoes, chopped pepper, celery, carrot, whatever you have in the fridge.
Then pop this in your lunchbox with..

  • Feta, olives & red onion, olive oil, oregano and lemon juice and have with a wholemeal pitta bread and avocado.
  • Apple slices, grapes, small chunks of cheddar cheese and walnuts. Take a little mayonnaise or a yoghurt dressing & a granary roll
  • Tuna and half a tin of mixed beans and pulses, some ready cooked grains and dressing

Sandwiches & Wraps designed to energise

  • A wholemeal tortilla with cooked chicken slices, avocado & crispy lettuce leaves, Use a little soured cream to moisten the tortilla
  • Pitta bread filled with halloumi, salad and hummus
  • Egg mayonaise and watercress sandwich in seeded bread
  • Leftovers!

  • Cook a big batch of chicken drumsticks and have some for dinner with salad and potatoes/rice/cous cous/quinoa and coleslaw then have the same for lunch at work the next day.
  • Dice leftover boiled potatoes and add to some salad with some chopped spring onions, some tinned beans (such as butter beans) and some mayonnaise mixed with yoghurt & crushed garlic.
  • Roasted vegetables – lovely hot with dinner then add to a salad for a lovely cold lunch. Take a pitta bread and some hummus for a complete meal.
  • Pasta – keep leftover pasta and mix with chopped tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta, spinach, olive oil, lemon juice and white wine vinegar for a quick, nutritious lunch.
  • No prep lunches

    • Soup – Take a carton of fresh soup and eat it over 2 days with some chunks of granary bread or rye bread. Ideally go for sups with beans and pulses in as well as vegetables for long lasting energy
    • Take a prepared salad (such as a bean salad or a noodle and chicken salad) and have alongside some of your snacks if its not quite enough (a pot of yoghurt, a piece of fruit, a few nuts).
    • Energy boosting snacks for your work lunch box

  • Banana, pear, apple, a couple of satsumas
  • A small pot of hummus & carrot sticks/breadsticks
  • A small pot of nuts, seeds & dried fruit
  • A hard boiled egg
  • A wholegrain cracker, a few grapes & a few small cubes of cheese
  • Some cherry tomatoes & feta cheese cubes
  • Your favourite olives
  • Edamame beans
  • A few squares of chocolate
  • A pot of yoghurt
  • An apple sliced with peanut butter
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