Long term weight loss

Diary of a serial yo-yo dieter

Over the next 6 weeks, we’re going to share Susans’ diary as she begins her transformation from a serial yo-yo dieter to a non-dieter who feel confident knowing exactly what to eat to lose weight and cherish herself.

Susan started working with Relish Wellbeing after meeting Rebecca at a Reset Wellbeing Retreat she runs with Kerrie Prescott. Susan came to our nutrition clinic at Moose Hall for an initial consultation with Rebecca to talk about her goals and explore the best ways to support Susan in reaching these which fits into her everyday life and the foods she likes. Susan then started our Relish Wellbeing weight loss plan which consists of:

A two-week weight loss preparation plan followed by a weight loss phase incorporating a shorter eating window, daily yoga and mindfulness and specific foods to include daily to boost health and energy levels whilst making weight loss easier.

Rebecca recommended a 2-week preparation plan as Susan has a long history as a yo-yo dieter which will have impacted on her body in many ways. This preparation phase was designed to get her body and mind in the very best place to lose weight and feel better. Our hormone levels and gut health are both vital for us to be able to lose weight, improving these at the beginning will mean Susan can work with her body to lose weight rather than fighting against it.  So we drew up a 2-week meal plan to optimise these things and help Susan begin to adjust to a new way of eating. Just one of the things this 2-week meal plan aimed to do was change hunger hormones which would help reduce cravings and overeating. It sounds like this worked brilliantly…

Susan’s diary in her own words (After her initial 2-week preparation plan)

‘I’m 56, an overeater and serial yo-yo dieter. I have tried them all – more than once! I have lost between 3 and 6 stone several times but it keeps going back on. My intention has always been to lose the weight, get to goal THEN eat healthily for life. Never got to my arbitrary goal so never got to the healthy plan!

Rebecca and Kerrie’s retreat convinced me I was wasting time (and life) on depriving and punishing myself, striving for the impossible and ending in an unhappy downward spiral. So with Rebecca’s guidance and support, I have changed the food I eat -not dieting, just eating good wholesome natural food that I enjoy – now that’s a breakthrough! Having given up the sweeteners in tea and coffee I seem to be losing cravings to stuff my face with goodness knows what!

Rebecca said the 2-week preparation phase would stabilise my insulin, sugar and hormone levels. I don’t know the numbers but I do know:

  • I now do feel hungry before meals – never got that as always eating
  • I now do feel full- never felt that much before always had room for more!
  • Hot flushes definitely decreased and no night sweats – miracle!
  • I feel happy and energised – not constantly thinking about food, eating rubbish then feeling guilty and eating more

I have practised 2 minutes of mindfulness/meditation everyday (ish). I find this really powerful at giving me confidence to tackle anything calmly. Having started a high-powered job at the same time as all this I am not just coping but feel I am flourishing. I have various joint issues long-term and various surgeries including a new replacement. Exercise is tricky but I love to swim and Nordic walk. I set a goal of 7000 steps a day and am achieving that.

I have had several months of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) for weight loss over the years but it never really got rid of my overeating and binging tendencies. I am now learning the affect food has on my wellbeing and that is my biggest motivation ever. I want to be fit and healthly, that’s all, but I have been in a dark place. I am treating my body as a temple and what goes in has to be only the best!’

These are such amazing achievements Susan has made in just 2 weeks. Now she is beginning her weight-loss plan, find out what this involves and how Susan found the first week in our second part of her story,  ‘The diary of a yo-yo dieter’.

If you’d like to find out more about our nutrition clinic or weight loss plans please give Rebecca a call on 07715 007875 or email at rebecca@relishwellbeing.com.