About Relish Wellbeing

Nutrition-centred wellness for individuals designed by Dr Rebecca Hiscutt (PhD)

I’m Dr Rebecca Hiscutt (PhD), a nutrition consultant and CEO of Relish Wellbeing.

I have a doctorate in Nutrition and a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics and I’ve always worked in nutrition. During this time I’ve worked many people helping them to reach their diet and health goals. People who are responsible for large companies, those who work night shifts those who are busy bringing up their family.

All of these people are unique but all are busy juggling lots of things, busy taking care of everything and everyone else. They aren’t prioritising themselves. Life is busy and chaotic. It can be hard to have the time, energy or inspiration to focus on diet and wellbeing.

That’s ok for a while, they’ve been able to keep going, juggling, being busy, getting through each day at a time, doing their work well, making sure everyone was well looked after, everything got done.

But eventually our bodies revolt, our energy levels are low, our immune system is weakened, continuous low levels of stress take their toll. Our bodies need more, they need to be cherished.

This is why I founded Relish Wellbeing, to help people to cherish themselves to feel as good as they possibly can through realistic, do-able nutrition advice which helps people eat food they love which nourishes them.

Helping people to relish food, cherish themselves and relish life.

Get the most out of every single day.

For all media enquiries please email media@relishwellbeing.com

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