Bespoke nutrition & wellbeing events

Wellbeing events & retreats designed to help you cherish your group or organisation.

Helping people to thrive instead of just ‘survive’.

An opportunity to pause, relax and reset. Takeaway simple tips and tools which fit into everyday life. Our bespoke wellbeing events can be run in your office or in a luxurious location near to you.

We will help your team to build their resilience to stress, have more energy throughout the day, find their calm, bolster their immune system, put in place changes to improve the quality of their sleep, utilise mindfulness to reduce anxiety and take control of their health and wellbeing.

Activities which can be incorporated based on your needs and goals are:

How corporate nutrition events build resilience to stress

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  • Nutrition talks like ‘The Mood Food Connection: Discover what afternoon snacks will give you a boost in motivation & which foods help you think more clearly’
  • Food demonstrations and eat & learn sessions
  • Wellbeing workshops like ‘Stress resilience: Techniques & tips to help you stay strong & calm’
  • Yoga & mindfulness
  • 1:1 consultations with nutrition & wellbeing experts
  • Personalised nutrition & wellbeing advice
  • Relaxation time
  • Motivational speakers
  • Massage & reflexology
  • Fitness training with novel exercise ideas which fit into busy lives
  • Delicious superfood meals & snacks

Cherish your team and help them to feel as good as they possibly can. Our wellbeing events are designed to help every individuals to feel strong, energised, motivated, engaged, focused, relaxed, healthy and happy.

“Well planned & relaxing with lovely personal touches”
Guest, 2017 retreat

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