Nutrition for Individuals

Nutrition Clinic

Individual nutrition consultations to help you to reset and optimise your health through your diet.

Each individual nutrition consultation starts with you

Our nutrition consultations are devoted to you to talk about you, your goals and what your days are like, we can then provide everything you need to help you put these actions into place.

Our individual consultations held at Moosehall in Portishead
Our clinic reception in Portishead

Our consultation can either be face-to-face at our Portishead, Bristol clinic or by phone/Skype, whichever works best for you.

Our Nutritional Consultancy services are ideal for you if you…

  • Are busy, feel tired, stressed and overworked
  • Would love to have more energy but don’t have time to do anything about it
  • Feel under the weather and would like to review your diet to bolster your immune system
  • Would like to the guidance, advice and accountability to help you take control of your weight and reach your weight loss goals
  • Would like to optimise your diet before, during or post pregnancy
  • Are concerned about your health

Nutritional coaching

Nutrition updates, recipes & tools
Nutrition updates, recipes & tools

After your nutrition discovery session you may decide you’d further nutrition advice, support and accountability to help you reach your goals.

We offer nutrition coaching for as long or as little time as you need it. Get regular weekly reviews via phone or email and we’ll use our accountability system to keep you on track and feeling really good about your progress and help you achieve what you want to each week

Blood testing service

Perhaps you’re intrigued to know your blood cholesterol levels? Or would like to check your iron or Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 status (particularly useful for vegetarians or vegans).

We can also assess inflammation in your body by using the marker CRP. Check your current health markers and get an insight into whats going on in your body. Use this information to guide the changes you make and tests can then be repeated to see the impact of these changes.

Email or call us for more information.

VIP Happy Eating Weight Loss Coaching Programme

Limited places are also available on our VIP Happy Eating weight loss coaching programme with exclusive access to our Happy Eating classroom and intensive 1:1 support. Please contact Rebecca for more details

Nutrition consultancy available UK wide via our clinic in Portishead, Bristol or via phone/Skype. Our nutrition consultations will be with Dr Rebecca Hiscutt (PhD).

Find out more about Rebecca.

“The eating plans put in place by Dr. Hiscutt will have lifelong implications on my health.”

“Thank you so much Rebecca, you have been and are an amazing inspiration. Thank you for all your hard work, support and commitment to me. I look forward to continuing my journey with you.”

Contact us to ask any questions or arrange an appointment to suit you.

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