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Nutrition-Focused Wellbeing Programs

Helping your employees to be happy, healthy and ‘here’.

Our in-house wellbeing programs allow your teams to discover exciting new nutrition and wellbeing topics. Participants can be inspired with food ideas to try and feel motivated by the support and momentum generated by regular live events with nutrition and wellbeing experts.

Nutrition-centred wellbeing programs designed for your workplace.

Cherishing your workforce and creating a happier, healthier team of people means they will look after your customers or clients better and want to stay with you, the company who takes care of them.

Employees with good nutrition report 50% less sickness absence than those with poor nutrition!1
1- Vielife Poor nutrition increases sickness absence by 50%. 18/09/2012, WSB Workplace Saving and Benefits

  • Boost your team’s productivity
  • Support high-performing teams
  • Increase resilience to stress and illness
  • Reduce presentism across your company
  • Improved talent attraction and employee retention
  • Tailor-made programs to suit your business
  • Effective wellbeing programs at your budget

How Workplace Wellness can transform your workforce

Food is incredibly powerful and can affect mood, resilience to stress and illness, energy levels, concentration, creativity and motivation. This is why it’s core to our wellbeing programs, we’ve also found food and nutrition is a brilliant way to bring teams together and talking about something completely different.

Our in-house wellbeing programs allow your teams to discover exciting new nutrition and wellbeing topics, be inspired with new meal and snack ideas to try and feel motivated by the support and momentum generated by regular live events with nutrition and wellbeing experts.

Your in-house program could include:

  • Regular nutrition, yoga and mindfulness workshops. All based on hot topics such as “Stress resilience. Techniques and tips to stay strong” and “Supercharge Your Gut, powerful tips to improve your health through your gut”
  • Nutrition clinics. 1:1 appointments bookable for individuals to get personalised nutrition advice to boost their health and wellbeing
  • Nutrition and wellbeing support service. Provide your teams with a nutrition and wellbeing expert on-hand to support, motivate and guide with an email support service
  • Supportive resources linked to the topic in each new workshop. These may include: recipes to be used at home, top nutrition tips, posters to be displayed around the workplace, tools such as meal planners, relaxing breathing techniques, a guide to better sleep, etc.
  • Wellbeing newsletter with nutrition and wellbeing information, tips and resources
  • A dedicated on-line wellbeing members area exclusively for your employees with your own personal log-in. Nutrition and wellbeing workshops can be made available to all your employees wherever they are based along with resources and tools, (such as recipes, meal planning tools and mindfulness tips)

Would our programmes suit your organisation?

If your organisation has an interest in the health and wellbeing of your employees then we one of our programmes can be tailored to suit your goals, needs, interests and budget. We have designed programmes to organisations with:

  • One employee to 6000+ employees
  • One office to multi-centred companies with office-based, home-based and field-based employees
  • An established wellbeing programme to those just beginning to think about workplace wellbeing
  • A multigenerational workforce with different needs and interests

Choose from one of our tiered programmes. We have designed our tiered programmes to create maximum value and impact for all budgets (e.g. from just £85 per month for a company with 100 employees).

Give us a call to tell us about your aims and ideas for workplace wellbeing and see if you think our services might be right for you. We’d love to find out more about your organisation.

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How do Relish Wellbeing programmes work?

Workplace wellbeing programme face-to-face


Talking to you allows us to have a clear idea of who your team are, your starting point and desired outcome in a wellbeing programme.

We can then make sure your wellbeing programme creates excitement and empowers participants to make small tweaks. Small tweaks then lead to big changes.

What is good food for Workplace wellbeing


Choose the wellbeing programme that best suits your organisation and budget. We offer three tiers of programmes, starting with a virtual wellbeing service, all the way through to on-site and on-demand nutrition and wellbeing consultancy.

Our programmes are designed to maximise the impact of our resources, workshops or talks; providing tools to take away and use and recipes and food ideas in an on-line space to make it as easy as possible for people to try the ideas.

Everything is designed to keep wellbeing front of mind and help each individual to cherish themselves, even when life gets busy.

Continuous wellbeing strategy development and activation


Momentum builds as more people talk about the wellbeing programme and try the tips and ideas suggested, beginning a domino-effect of wellbeing within your organisation.

The on-going programme is driven by by the interests of participants together with feedback from the wellbeing team or champions and our knowledge of your goals for wellbeing. This means that employees help to create their own nutrition-focused wellbeing program, increasing both engagement and impact.

Positive energy and results from wellbeing programme


Evaluation is built into our programmes to enable us to measure and monitor your investment in workplace wellbeing against key objectives.

Resilience programme

Our resilience wellbeing programme is designed specifically to support your high-performing teams.

Perfect for individuals or groups who may experience greater stress, pressure or during times of changes within the organisation. Our training and support and help keep individuals on top form so they can remain focused, calm and happy in their role.

Bespoke wellbeing retreats also available.

Experience the impact of our services by enjoying a nutrition workshop! Contact us to book a Happy Eating workshop for your organisation.

Contact us to discuss ideas and find out how a nutrition-focused wellbeing programme can make a difference to your organisation.

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