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Nutrition Workshops

One-off nutrition workshops over lunchtime to inspire your teams, or something different to help bring an away-day to life.

Our nutrition workshops are an ideal way to sample our wellbeing services and give your teams a chance to discover how to start using nutrition to be more energised, focused, and resilient to stress and illness.

We can design a workshop topic to suit you and the interests of your employees.

Workshops are usually 40-60 minutes and include time to interact and personalise nutrition tips to the everyday lives of participants. Food ideas, tools and resources provided.

Some of our most popular topics include:

  • ‘How to have more energy all day long. Tips to boost the post-lunch slump’
  • ‘Understanding & managing sugar cravings’
  • ‘Nutrition tips for shift workers’
  • ‘Lunchbox inspiration – a workshop packed with super simple and nourishing lunchbox ideas to help keep your team on top form all day long’

Talk & Eat Workshop with tasting table

Happy Eating workshop with tastings provided for participants. A great way to bring the workshop to life even more and hugely enjoyed!

A tasting table is provided so that your employees can see and taste the foods we’re talking about and leave full of ideas and ready to focus for the afternoon!

“Brilliant! It should be compulsory attendance! Great tips. Really practical and do-able.”
Participant, following a Happy Eating Nutrition Workshop

We have lots of exciting workshop topics – contact us to find out more.

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